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It Began as a way to Escape...

In my teens, makeup was a safe space. It was hours spent in my bedroom watching YouTube tutorials and trying to recreate them. There was no plan to pursue this as a career - I was studying to be a lawyer! But when things changed after my Bachelor's degree, I was left feeling uncertain about my path. And then a friend asked if I would do her makeup for her wedding day.

From that point on, I knew this was my passion.

Selfishly, I love weddings. The preparation and planning. The colour palettes and flower choices. Up until the day of with the excited jitters, fun conversations, happy tears, and a great playlist to set the mood. 

In 2019, I started GWS as a side hustle. After being certified and gaining a few years of experiencing (while working through a global pandemic), I quit my day job in 2022 to take this on full time. I have had the pleasure of travelling all over the region for my brides and looking ahead want to expand my reach worldwide. Bridal makeup is more than just about the actual service, it's the relationships I build with each individual bride. 

Makeup continues to be a form of therapy for me. It relaxes my anxious mind and I try to bring that same relaxing energy to all of my brides for their last moment of peace before their day unfolds. Think of me as an unofficial best friend throughout this process. 

3 Things you need to Know 

  1. I am A-Type Personality, so I will be overly organized, punctual, and remember all details off the top of my head. (But I'm super chill I swear) 

  2. Topics I love to discuss include pets, Taylor Swift, travel, and random facts about you. (My random fact is that I do competitive Irish Dance - yes like Riverdance).

  3. I consider myself an introverted extrovert. If you like to talk, I'll match you and dish about everything and anything. But if you need someone to just work peacefully and let you have your moment I can appreciate that just as much. 

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